The art of storytelling

The art of story telling featuring : Aditi Dewra

In today’s world, what we need is courage. In portuguese language, the word for heart is coração. And I don’t think that the words courage and coração start with the same letter for no reason… One needs to be brave enough to follow his/her own heart. Courage comes from the heart!

Aditi is one of the few audacious people who are able to leave their comfort zone and try something new, extreme and more satisfying. She quit her corporate job and realized that going with the standard flow was not for her anymore. She said the position she held in the company she used to work caused a lot of stress and tension. She started a therapy! To make some art with her fruit box during her lunch time: I realised that it de-stressed me and I started sharing these stories with my friends and they said that it made them smile.

April, this year, Ady the story teller was born. Childhood memories, places visited, interaction with people, dreams to travel are some of the topics that feed Aditi’s imagination. And all the simple things in our day to day life are material for the expression of her inner self: I find the art hidden in routine and joy in life.

Aditi is a visual story teller. Her thought process to make a story starts with the designs she creates from everyday things. She considers that in this digital age readers will be more interested in reading with a visual attached to the stories. She also emphasized that, by choosing that way, it’s easier for me to weave stories better and I enjoy the process much more.

The beauty of this is to have an eye to see that decaying petals of a flower are not only petals… They can become a dress. A tea bag can not only kill your thirst. It can become a t-shirt! Cherries can come to life as a butterfly! Grapes will turn up to balloons… Balloons that can carry your fantasy even further away!

Nowadays, a big group of people, all around the world, are trying to get back to their roots. It means, people are getting tired of the stress that modern life brings. And they want to leave the big cities (and move to villages), they want to read books (and not a Kindle kind of thing), they want to relieve the daily stress by getting into arts… and, then, why not storytelling? in this way, Aditi is an intrepid woman: finding a path to free her mind and, by motivating, giving others the same chance.


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