Motorcycle Training

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Welcome to the world of motorcycling. Gear up to experience the ultimate joy of riding on two wheels.

Master the art of riding motorcycles..

Brammoto School is the place for you to enhance your motorcycle riding skills, weather you are a beginner or an experienced rider. Bringing to you technical and safe riding methods for a much better understanding and riding experience while you are at it.

Meet Srinivas the expert trainer who has been training people on two wheelers since the past 3 years. He can train you to ride on any kind of terrain and environment -the basic fundamentals, city riding, group riding, highway riding, off roading and adventure riding. Having also travelled and ridden to most parts of the country on his Enfield, he wants to share the same passion and experience with everyone. His training methods and skills will get you grooving on the motorcycle.

Training packages:

1 day (3 hrs) – Rs 3000 (your motorcycle) / 4500 (Brammoto’s motorcycle)
2 days (6 hrs) – Rs 6500 (your motorcycle) / 7500 (Brammoto’s motorcycle)
4 days (10 hrs) – Rs 10500 (your motorcycle) / 12500 (Brammoto’s motorcycle)

“I approached Srinivas to gain my confidence in motorcycle and sharpen my reflexes while riding. Srinivas is a very patient, skilled and friendly trainer. He has had a great contribution in the ease that I ride with. Today Srinivas and I are good friends and I continue to seek his advice and expertise in motorcycle riding.  I would certainly recommend Srinivas to anyone / everyone who wants their shot at riding a motorcycle, wants to get well equipped with their machine, or looking for adventure riding.”

Sim Joshi, Delhi

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