For the love of crazy music

Chandrashekhar Reddy whose fondness for music drove him to pick up a didgeridoo recounts his story of how he picked up the instrument and why more people should learn how to play the didgeridoo.

There goes a saying – “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”. It indeed is. For Chandu, a new-found style of music helped to gain a better insight into life.  “Playing Didgeridoo helps me gain a better insight into life,” he says. 33-year-old Chandrashekhar Reddy was always a music enthusiast. But during one of the trips back in 2010, when he heard a “weird sound being played out in a musical way”, Chandu, as he is fondly called, just couldn’t help getting drawn to the source of the music. “I was in Hampi. Heard some strange sounds being played in a musical fashion. The sound of music conjured tribal images in my mind. I have always been fond of crazy music. The instrument called me and I went out looking for it,” he recalls. Chandu’s search came to an end when he saw a guy play a long, hollow wooden thing. “Yes, it didn’t look any musical instrument I had seen before. ” That was the beginning of the journey. 

So was it easy learning to play Didgeridoo? “It took me close to three to four months to pick up the skills. Actually, after I came back from Hampi, I tried looking for teachers who could help me learn how to play the instrument. However, I found none. I, eventually, taught myself to play by watching YouTube videos. I practiced for hours every day and now I am at a stage where I play didgeridoo in clubs and other avenues. There, along with this instrument I also play electronic beats. So, it’s a combination of digital and organic.”

Didgeridoo is a wind instrument constructed out of hollow wood. While the music is soothing, playing Didgeridoo helps in healing. “Playing this instrument triggers that part of the brain that is associated with meditation. It puts you in a trans,” says Chandu. “Didgeridoo is not popular in India. I wish people here pick it up. The instrument is associated with circular breathing which helps in relaxation,” adds the full-time corporate employee and also a guitarist.

Article by: Suhani Dewra

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